Welcome Rock Dwellers. Likely one of the most unique ski chalets you will see at Big White, or anywhere, The ROCK is appropriately named. Built on two large boulders, the lot was purchased by the original owner/designer/builder, Byron Olson, in 1966. Big White was 2 T-Bars, and just 5 years new. A Skier and Rock Climber by passion, and an Architect by profession, an idea was born, when as he walked through the forest that would become Big White Village, he spotted the rocks. “You can image my delight as I stepped through the trees and saw these two magnificent boulders”, is how he described it to me. He chose “that” lot specifically because of the rocks, and designed and built the original portion incorporating the rocks into the cabin’s interior and exterior, between 1967 and 1970.

Inside you’ll find a small, but functional space devoid of 90 degree angles, with two big …..Rocks.  The living/dining room’s stone and mortar fireplace, (burns real wood!), has the Loft bed tucked behind it. The best space for the early risers. The very small bathroom has a huge shower, with dual shower heads (and separate controls), and a big rock, to compensate for its small overall size. (“The shower alone was worth the price of admission”, wrote one guest. Same guy that brought his ferret.)

The kitchen is small but very well equipped with modern appliances, spices and condiments, and is open to the adjacent living/dining space, for keeping in the conversation while you’re cooking. Watch your toes on the way to the Kitchen! We mentioned the place is built on two big rocks? The vintage dining table comfortable sits 6. The place is FULL of Rocks, and Locks. Have a look and then put ’em back exactly where you found ’em!  A decent stereo with lots of music, is provided. And mineral books, and a magnifying glass for checking out the rocks. And books and binoculars for the birders in your group.
The addition includes the two downstairs bedrooms, Dragons Tongue and Goats Kick, with Queen size beds. They are named after runs off the Ridge chairs, and are cozy and quiet. Like a ship, The ROCK utilizes it’s modest sized spaces, so the beds are “built in” and “up”. You climb up 4 steps to get into them. Just so you know, if there are mobility issues.

Plenty of bedding is provided, but feel free to bring your favourite pillow or blanket. ONE towel per person, per visit, is provided. Let’s be environmentally active, please.

Outside, is a large deck, and a very clean, spacious, 40 degree Celsius hot tub with very low chemicals. There are bunch of rules for using the hot tub, but that’s what keeps it clean and in need of limited chemical content. You’re welcome. Tubbing Rules will be discussed pre, and upon, arrival.  PLEASE NOTE: It is a HOT TUB – that’s it. The jets are noisy, itchy, and DEACTIVATED. So, if you can’t sit in the tub without bubbles, feel free to sit inside and watch the others enjoy the therapeutic hot water, fresh air, trees, birds, squirrels, snow, stars, moon, and/or sun from the window! A quality Weber BBQ is there on the deck, as well as about a half dozen bird/squirrel feeders. It’s your job to keep them full. Shovels, brooms, scrapers galore are there to keep the deck clear. (Hint! Hint!)
Two off street parking spots are provided. And a colourful locker for skis/boards. (Don’t bring toboggans or sleds – we got ’em!) The walk to the Village Centre takes at least a couple minutes – maybe three. That’s where everything else you may need is found. Grocery store, rental shop, ski/board school, tickets, restaurants, pubs – all right there. And the Gondola to take you to Happy Valley for the skating rink, tube park, ice climbing, day lodge, sleigh rides, ……… Welcome to Big White. Welcome to The ROCK. Let’s talk.